Leading the Process of Organizational Change

Our world continues to change, and therefore, people and organizations must change accordingly. Various researchers have created change models that have been throughout the years. One of the most highly regarded models is Lewin’s change theory, which has been utilized by many researchers. In fact, Lewin’s theory has been expanded upon, by other theorists, and continues to serve as a foundational base for other change models. As explored in our Interactive Lecture and required readings, Lewin’s model includes three foundational steps: (1) unfreezing, (2) change, and (3) refreezing. These three steps are aspects utilized in other change models.For this Critical Thinking Assignment, you are required to select an organizational change that you believe must occur in a company that is located in the Middle East. Based upon the selected company, do the following:Provide an overview of the company and share information about the organization’s mission, vision, values, industry, etc.Provide rationale for why you selected this company and detail information about why you believe a change in this company is necessary.Explain how the change effort can be successfully implemented using all three stages of Lewin’s Change Theory. Provide examples of each step in the change process as aligned with your proposed change initiative.Explain what drawbacks you believe exist when using Lewin’s change theory. Then, explain why you would or would not use this theory as compared to other theories discussed in the textbook.