Legislative Hearing Role Play- Committee Member Questions

Legislative Hearing Role Play–Committee MemberStart AssignmentDue No Due DatePoints 3Submitting a file uploadAvailable Nov 8 at 12am – Dec 21 at 11:59pm about 1 monthFrom weeks 10-13, we will be conducting mock legislative hearings. During one of those weeks, you will act in the role of a committee member. As part of this role, you will review the bill before the class session for the hearing, listen to your classmates give testimony, ask clarifying questions, and debate the bill. Finally, during the legislative hearing, you will cast your vote for or against the bill after hearing all testimony and the question/answer session.When you are reviewing the bill and preparing your potential questions, make sure you keep in mind the political party of your assigned role. Consider how your particular party might think/feel about this piece of legislation. Also, think about the type of question appropriate to each person providing testimony. If someone is sharing a personal story, you might not ask about statistics. You wouldn’t ask a government budget officer about their personal experience with the issue.You will earn three points for your role as a committee member, and I will provide the grading feedback through Canvas. There are no written documents to submit for this assignment however you might want to send the chair your question in advance on the day you serve as a committee member.RubricLegislative Hearing Grading Rubric (2)Legislative Hearing Grading Rubric (2)
HIV Group:Read bill here: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/1305/textRead more information here:Our group will be covering H.R. 1305, a bill that aims to: “modernize laws and policies, and eliminate discrimination, with respect to people living with HIV/AIDS, and for other purposes.” (H.R. 1305, 2021). Overall, H.R. 1305 aims to decriminalize HIV/AIDS, except when it comes to intentional transmission. This bill summarizes the many laws across the country that have little (or no) evidential value and actively oppress those with HIV/AIDS. H.R. 1305 argues that laws should not add burdens to those living with HIV and that these laws should be public health focused and backed by science. Consultation from various entities- attorney generals, US Air Force representatives, public health officials, people living with HIV, NGOs, etc- will be sought. H.R. 1305 asks each state to examine their laws that might impact those with HIV, and the laws that might be nonsensical in light of HIV research. This piece of legislation was introduced in the House on 2/24/2021 and has made little headway since. It was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security on 4/28/2021, but has not made any movement since then.Criteria Ratings PtsThis criterion is linked to a Learning OutcomeCommittee Member/Legislator/Policy Maker Role• Quality of questions asked• Participation in the debate in determining vote• Quality of preparedness• Demonstrated understanding of the political point of view of the committee member3 ptsTotal Points: 3