Letter of Complaint Peer Review

PART A: LETTERYour task is to write a one-page letter of complaint. Think of your letter as a sort of problem/solution argument. Explain the problem in such a way that the reader has all the pertinent background information, and then suggest a solution to the problem you want solved. To do this well, you need to make sure your problem is one that has a reasonable solution, that your reader is someone who can solve your problem, and that you make a persuasive argument that encourages the reader to do as you ask.Choose ONE of these scenarios ONLY:You experienced poor customer service during a recent trip to a local restaurant. Write to a restaurant manager asking that a server receive additional training regarding his/her dutiesYou experienced poor customer service during a recent shopping trip. Write to a store manager asking that an employee receive additional training regarding their duties or interaction toward customersYou are experiencing issues at work with a policy, procedure, rule, or fellow employee. Write to a supervisor or boss asking that a policy or practice be changed at your jobYou are experiencing issues with a policy, procedure, rule, etc. Write to a group or organization leader (coach, pastor, city administrator, professor, etc.) asking that a specific policy or practice be changedPART B: REFLECTIONIn a SEPARATE one-page document, discuss your unique Writing Process for your Letter of Complaint. You need to have at least 4 distinct paragraphs that detail what you did for each stage: INVENTION, DRAFTING, REVISING, and EDITING. For example:Did you take any notes or make a mind map for the Invention Stage? Give examples of what you did in your Invention Stage.Did you create a handwritten or typed draft for the Drafting Stage? Give examples and reflect.During the Revising Stage, did you rearrange your paragraphs and add new supporting details? Reflect on how focusing on Large Order Concerns helped you create a persuasive letter.Did you correct spelling and formatting issues in the Editing Stage? How did focusing on Small Order Concerns help your reader better understand your complaint? Reflect!There is a (Sample opens in new window) Letter Reflection in the “Unit 1” folder