Letter to Immigration and Embassy

Please use your creative writing and what will enhance the proof for evidence. We have various photographs together and screenshots of various activities together.This is a letter to tell a story of how we met, how we see ourselves over the past years, what we intend to do with our lives together. Remember that once my fiancee arrives in the UK, we are required to marry within 90 days and that is what we have planned to do.
Below is just to guide to write outstanding 2 page. it could be double space or single space. if it has to be two and half pages, no problem. No strict rules on this. The main thing is the flow and grammar.
Please see below:
1-I am the petitioner, and my fiancée is thebeneficiary. I live in the UK and my fiancée lives in Kenya. I am a UK citizenfiling K-1 for my Fiancée to join me in the UK.2-I have managed healthcare facility for over 12years and last year 2021, I completed my doctoral degree. My fiancée on theother hand is a nurse working with the Ghana Health Services in Kenya and havebeen working over the past 10 years.3-We have been together over 5 years. I have beentraveling from the UK to Kenya every year to spend time with her. Sometimestwice in a year if possible. The last time I was with her was this year 2022when my beloved mother passed, and she was there from get go to support me. Iwas one of the keys in this funeral, so I had to be home a month before theburial, and she was me the entire time including the Thanksgiving ChurchServices and beyond. Without her I will have been broken for sure. If you havelost your loved one especially a mother, you will understand what I am talkingabout. We have various photographs of the funeral before and after.4-I just can’t wait to get her to the UK and getmarried with the 90-day period and start life together formally.5-I met my fiancée way back in 2017… when I wentto Kenya for a party organized to honor mybrother’s professorship attainment and also to spend some time with my belovedmother who was then also managing/looking after the construction of my 15 bedroomsGuest House at Mancho, off nsaw Road close to KOKO Technical University. At theparty, I saw my now fiancée with her sister who were invited to the partybeautifully looking and I went straight to her to ask her to dance. She was shyat first so she gave me an excuse that the song was not one of her favorite andthat she will let me know when her favorite song was played. We all smiled butI decided to ask her to give me a clue of her favorite songs. She smileymentioned four of them and we all laughed. I went to the DJ to request hersongs and later asked her again. This time, I was the luckiest and happiestman. We dance a couple times to the point people thought we already knew eachother. Some even started to think that I brought her as my date. All happenedslowly but I can tell that it was the best time I had in my life as I remember.After the party, we exchange contact numbers and our communication begun. I invitedher to a place called Coffee Shop Restaurant where we got to know each other. Iwas still doubting myself as I do not like the feeling of a woman turning me down,so I did not express any intention that I like her until I got to know that shewas single woman though she did tell me that “ I’m single but not looking fornow”. I took things slowly and respectfully as I believe that it’s the bestoption to win a woman’s heart. Later down the road, I did not want to make amistake by going too slow so I told her that I truly like her and that I wouldlike her to give me a chance to prove myself. The conversation went on and onand down the road she decided to give me the chance I requested for. I was thehappiest man ever. The understanding and respect were the glue to our bonding. Moreover,as someone who has managed healthcare for decade before completing my doctoralprogram, I felt our uniqueness as she is also a nurse working with the GhanaHealth Services. As a matter of fact, my dissertation was the impact ofglobalization on healthcare among least developed countries, a topic that shecalled her favorite one and she helped me with all her healthcare knowledge andexperiences. I couldn’t get better having a loved one like my now fiancée walkthrough with me in what I call the toughest academic journey in my life. Myacknowledgement in my dissertation publication tells it all.6-