List and describe the different types of contracts.

Discussion 12.1In no less than 300 words,List and describe the different types of contracts.Are some riskier than others? List two risky contracts and why you think they are.Who is at risk more, the buyer or the seller and when?What type of reimbursements would you recommend to a large corporation?Are there any clauses or statements that you believe should be added to a contract for an IT project?Discussion 12.4Discussion TopicIn no less than 400 words,Explain your opinion on writing RFP and why a team may or may not enjoy the process.describe the differences in an RFP and an RFQ for building a pool in your back yard.What skill sets would be handy for this type of procurement work?Do you know of any software that could assist in the process?Exercise 12.1Discussion TopicResearch IT outsourcing on the InternetIn no less than 300 words,Describe the most common types of IT outsourcing.Why do you think that organizations are choosing to outsource?What is crowdsourcing?How have organizations benefited from outsourcing?Is this good or bad for the project manager?