Literature Review for Team Self-Change Proposal

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Assignment #2 (20%) Literature Review for Team Self-Change ProposalIn the literature review, the team will analyze each article using the following guide.For each article, the team will provide:I. A description of the purpose or goal of the study.II. The study research questions.III. Evaluate the research methods of each article including design of the study, sampling, and identifying the variables.Is it qualitative or quantitative?Summarize key research methods used in each research. (e.g; experimental, quasi experimental, survey, interview, self-report, etc.)Describe Sample Characteristics (e.g., same size, recruitment methods, any issues related to human subjects research?),Research Design (e.g., survey, or experimental design),Measurement (description of key variables and measurement/operationalization), andData Collection Procedures.IV. Identify findings particular notable findings that support an intervention, along with any limitations of the study.