Literature Review: Oxytocin and Depression in New Mothers

You do NOT need to rewrite the entire paper. The paper requires attention only in the areas listed below. Please keep the formatting of the paper as is (APA style and format).
This paper needs adjustment in the following areas:First source (the dissertation) and last source (world health org) need to be removed from references and body of paper and replaced by scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles to support the information.The themes need to be adjusted so that each of the three themes is present in each journal article cited.“Identifies themes that are relevant to a research question and present in each scholarly resource cited, and fully explains the connection between the reseach question and each theme.”The organization needs to be adjusted from article-to-article into a fully integrated synthesis of information gained.“Uses critical thinking tools to cohesively synthesize relevant literature into well-supported and original themes (NOT explicitly stated in the articles).”