Local Government Zoning and Planning

For this Case Study, you will first select one city, town, or county of your choice and read its comprehensive plan and process. From there you must describe the local government comprehensive planning process in detail. (How does the process work? Why is it used? What purpose does it serve? What are the impacts and second-order consequences?). Then describe the necessary elements in the selected city, town, or county’s local government comprehensive plan. (How do the elements of a comprehensive plan work? Why are they used? What purpose do they serve? What are the effects and second-order consequences?). Further, describe the necessary primary stakeholders to have a successful comprehensive plan. (What primary stakeholders are involved in a local government comprehensive plan? What do they contribute? What purpose do they serve? What are their influences and second-order consequences of their involvement?). Additionally, describe the factors that can influence comprehensive plan development. (How do the factors affect a local government comprehensive plan? What purpose do they serve? What are the impacts and second-order consequences?). Finally, determine a biblical viewpoint concerning planning. Please use scripture to support the position. Integrate Biblical verses rather than at the end of the paper. Items to include are outlined as follows:· Length of assignment is 2,000 – 2,500-words (8 – 10-pages)o Not including title page, reference page, and any appendices.· Format of assignment: APA format with 1-inch margins, 12-pt. Times New Roman font, and must include a title page and reference page.· Number of citations: 8 – 10 scholarly sources (in addition to the course textbooks, assigned readings, and Biblical references) to fully support your assertions and conclusions. These must be cited in accordance with APA guidelines.· Acceptable sources: Use scholarly sources only. No websites, podcasts, dictionaries, encyclopedias, or magazines. Peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations, and textbooks only.This assignment includes a template titled, Case Study: Local Government Planning & Zoning Template. This template lays out for you the organization of your paper by providing all sections titles and format to which they need to be included. Use this template to accurately complete this assignment.Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.This is a doctoral-level research assignment designed to test your ability to conduct effective research, gain a nuanced understanding of complex concepts, synthesize the ideas reflected in your research with those reflected in your required readings, and to evaluate and apply these ideas to an issue of urban planning.As with all doctoral-level assignments, you are expected to comport yourself with the highest writing, research, and ethical standards. To do well on this assignment, you must conduct high-quality research and offer a rich, well-supported analysis; mere opinion or conjecture will not suffice. A doctoral-level course requires description and analysis. While descriptions certainly are the precursor to analyses, they are not analyses. The analysis is not just opinion statements or a list of what authors have said. Each idea needs elaboration and explanation and, if possible, supported by data and/or credible sources. The analysis should demonstrate the ability to integrate theories with applications.
The template for the paper is on the files provided along with the comprehensive plan to be utilized. I am adding additional articles that can be used as references as well if the writer sees fit.Please follow the template as given.