logical fallacies:12angry man

Watch the film “12 Angry Men.” You MUST watch the 1957 version, starring Henry Fonda. The run time is 1:36:10. You can purchase or rent the film on YouTube at the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J61XJhYiUpgI suggest buying it so that you can watch it multiple times if needed. It will help to go back and watch particular scenes over when you are working on your assignment.Now for the writing portion:You are to identify and explain a minimum of 12 logical fallacies from the 14 fallacies that you have learned that you see occurring in the film. I will provide extra credit points for those of you who identify 16 or more fallacies correctly.The format is as follows:a. — Number each entry (1, 2, 3, and so on to a minimum of 12).b. — Identify the Juror, either by # or by description.c. — Identify the logical fallacy that was used.d. — Write a brief, yet detailed explanation of how the fallacy was applied.e. — IMPORTANT: You can repeat fallacies; however, you CANNOT repeat the same fallacy with the same juror.For example, Prejudice (Juror #10) is guilty of Ad Populum (Appealing to Prejudice) many times, but you can use him only once for Ad Populum (Appealing to Prejudice). If you use Prejudice (Juror #10) a second or third time, it must to illustrate a different logical fallacy.