M8A1: Submission Case Study of the Major Incident

S. Embassy bombings (1998) Khobar Towers bombing (1996) First World Trade Center attack (1993) Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon (1983) Pan Am 103 (1988) Rajneeshee bioterror attack (1984) After compiling and thoroughly reading the literature that describes the incident, you are to write a 5-7 page case study that evaluates how the ideologies and motivations of an organization may remain consistent, criminals and terrorists have shared similar tactics to reach their separate operational objective. The case study should describe the issues, present points of view, and support arguments with fact and examples that address the following: The background of the incident; The specific factors that motivated the attack; Who the key groups were and any significant actors within each group; What exactly occurred during the incident; Any controversies surrounding the incident; Whether any significant mistakes were made by the plotters that could have revealed the plot or caused it to fail, or by law enforcement that could have foiled the incident before it occurred; and What changes or reactions occurred following the incident, if any. You are expected to conduct your own research and compile your own information about your chosen incident. Your essay should be in APA format

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