Management for engineers

Unpaid order, please apply and place your bids. .1 Guidance Notes for the Assignment Some general points on the coursework assignment As a rule it is a good idea for students to place graphs, sketches, tables etc. on the page to which they refer to them or on the very next page but these should definitely not be consigned to an appendix! Students should always clearly label the section and sub-section, which they are dealing with. Finally, where a word limit is imposed it is important they stay within this. They should always provide clear referencing of the material they use to support their arguments, ensuring that they cite ALL their sources and attributing any quotes appropriately to the author, so as not to leave themselves open to plagiarism. Software may be used to detect plagiarism. Also, they should ensure that they include a full, properly referenced, bibliography. They should also keep an electronic copy of the coursework. 1.2 Marking Scheme Assessment Criteria for the Module Assignment Below is a schedule, which I use as the basis for marking the assignment in Module Title. This will help students to judge what they need to do to achieve any given mark range. Less than 40% – a poor assignment, the student has not answered the assignment properly. There may be a number of errors including insufficient explanation of the theory, and a limited ability to interpret the ideas to practical situations. 40-49% – a weak assignment, the student shows partial understanding of the issues but possibly combined with errors and/or insufficient or unclear explanation of the key points. There is limited interpretation of the issues in relation to the real world. 50-59% – a good assignment, with most of the key points correctly stated, the student demonstrates an ability to interpret at least some of the issues and makes a reasonable attempt at explaining the theoretical concepts. 60-69% – a very good assignment with minimal errors. Demonstrates an understanding of the key issues and is thorough in its analysis of the issues and theoretical concepts. The student shows strong critical and analytical ability. 70-79% – an excellent assignment which is well written and explained. It will demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues, using a high level of critical and analytical ability. 80% + – an exceptional assignment, which is sophisticated in its approach while being correct in every particular detail. Extremely high level of critical ability is demonstrated with original thought being evident. Note that in ALL categories above it is expected that you will provide a bibliography (where applicable) of the material used in preparation of your assignment.