Means-ends analysis approach with the integration of branches of psychology

The intent of this assignment is to determine what researchstates are the most salient concerns contributing to the list of identifiedtopics provided. Additionally, how can a dialogue process using the Means-endsanalysis approach with the integration of cognitive, positive,behavioral, neuro and humanistic psychology enhance a person’s skills toperform at their best when confronting these concerns in the given topics.Each topic must contain the salient problems and a dialogueprocess that includes Means-ends analysisapproach, with the integration of how using the practices/theories/strategies fromthe listed branches of psychology will increase performance.
A chart must be developedto ensure each topic receives the following
1)Major problems/concerns2)The approach to using the Means-endsanalysis3)How the integration of Each listed branch ofpsychology is used4)A short description of your dialogue process
Topics:·Challenges of Divorce/Breaking – up·Challenges of being a high school or collegestudent·Challenges of procrastination·Challenges of having a spouse deployed in themilitary·Challenges of Getting older·Challenges of ineffective parental communication·Challenges of being a truck driver·Challenges of being an employee ( any field)
This assignment should not exceed 5000 words.