Memo to Address Liability

Assume you work for a healthcare organization and have been asked to review the following scenario and draft a memo analyzing the potential liability of this situation and provide suggestions to prevent this from occurring in the future:A healthcare organization contracts with physical therapists to provide care for their patients needing rehabilitation after surgery. A patient recovering from a supracondylar fracture (Links to an external site.), in which pins were placed and subsequently removed, engages in rehab to retain mobility of the arm immediately after having the cast removed—against doctor’s orders. The physical therapist does not check the patient’s chart prior to engaging with the patient and goes by the patient’s word about what occurred. The physical therapist engaged the patient in weight-bearing exercise too intensive for the recovery phase at which the patient was currently exhibiting, causing the elbow to break again.Be sure to address:Different entities or persons at-faultAny legal or ethical issues involved in this situationBest practices to prevent this from occurring in the future