Memorandum of the lack of diversity training for college professors

this is a problem-solution memo: you are introducing this as a problem and offering at least two areas to discuss and describe in detail in your memo. What are your specific suggestions for making this issue better on our campus??
I want to call your attention to three formatting specifics:
1) The headings at the top should be single spaced, not double as shown in the memo
2) For the date, you should always spell it out as follows: September 24, 2021
3) The headings you will use (and put in bold for this memo) are the following: Issue, Background, Recommendations, Next Steps (any other headings will be wrong and points taken off). Remember, your AUDIENCE is key to this entire assignment. Who on campus is the person who would address this issue? You have to figure out who that is and write specifically to that person. You may not write to an unnamed person or an entire department.
For the issue, you will identify what it is, particularly in relation to Truman state university campus
For the background, you will give a brief history on the issue and how it came to be an issue on our campus
For the recommendations, you are going to give recommendations on how to solve the problem and be very specific on what that will beā€“this may involve time and cost (if any)
For next steps, you are going to state what you want to do next, and this usually involves asking for a meeting with the person or persons involved