mid 18th century

Prompt- “During the mid 18th century, English colonist appealed to the metropole for a redress of various grievances. In this essay, I want you to consider the ethics and civics of the elite members of colonial society seeking change later known as the patriots. Who are these patriots? What methods did they use to further their goals through civic engagement? What ethical considerations did they take into account and seeking redress of their grievances? How did they fail in the creation of the first American government under the articles of confederation? Did the Second government under the constitution address their grievances or did they simply remove the imperial government and place them selves in that position?”
Required length is 2 to 3 pages with a introduction, three paragraphs of the body with their own thesis statement, and a conclusion. A minimum of three primary sources from the book American Yawp and three secondary sources as evidence. I’ll include book link and picture of the things discussed in chapter 1-14.