Middle Range Theories

Instructions: Please read chapters 10 and 11 with corresponding PowerPoints. Follow the discussion grading rubric/guidelines. The initial discussion post is due on 9/22/21 by 11:59 PM, and the response to two of your peers is due on 9/26/21 by 11:59 PM. This means to write at least three thoughtful sentences (per peer) in response to what two of your peers posted.The following statement/question is based on Mishel’s uncertainty in illness theory.Imagine that you are interviewing a client who is new to your practice. Think about the kind of questions you would ask to assess the level of uncertainty about the health issue that brought the client to you. What question(s) would you ask to understand this patient’s perceptions of: 1) their current situation regarding his/her illness, 2) their supportive relationships, and 3) their previous experiences with health and illness? 4) Why do you think it is important to ask these questions? Please write at least two questions for numbers 1-3.