Misuse of Over-The-Counter Drugs by Parents and Its Effect on the Development of Children Toxicity

Hello, The introduction and literature review and method of my research have been written, and now I want you to write the rest of the research, which is the results, discussion and conclusion. Isent the research paper, data spss and data analysis to help you write the results. I want you to write the results from the data analysis that I sent and explains it well and adds tables and illustrations, then write the discussion by linking the results with other studies, then write the conclusion for the entire research briefly in a good way that enables the reader to understand the entire research and understand the main idea and what is the problem. Please I don’t have enough time to edit. In a discussion you should represent the other studies as facts and data without boring details. Please be careful that there will be no repetitions (redundant)of the same information in different ways and different format in more the one paragraph because this is not acceptable at all. The last thing Please, I want you to modify the numbering of the references for me and arrange them in numbers because some of them are written in letters and then add the references that you will use (I hope you adjust it by endnotes). Good luck