mixed meters

For this week’s assignment use the Discussion Board to Discuss which of the in-class mixed-meter time signature pieces of music you enjoyed the most, and why! Utilize some of the “Seven Elements of Music” as well as correlations to your own music and preferences. Please write at least 200 words about this topic, and feel free to include bands or songs that you know about as reference material!
Matthew SchwarkPostedThe mixed-meter time signature piece that I enjoyed the most is “All Blues” by Miles Davis. Out of the mixed-meter time signature pieces to choose from, I enjoyed this one the most because it’s very relaxed and easygoing yet it could also be considered formal and proper. I can’t necessarily say that smooth jazz is my most favorite genre of music but I definitely do enjoy listening to it on occasion. Regarding the seven elements of music and more, while I am still learning how to clearly identify one from another, I’m sure it’s rather easy to recognize them in this piece. The harmony and the melody epecially as well as the rhythm. I think it’s somewhat harder to pick out specific things like the meter, the tempo, the texture, the timbre, the expression and the form when it comes to any song. I do like though the melody and the harmony of this piece in particular. The sound of the saxophone along with the piano and what seems to be the trumpet and more all compliment each other very well. I can certainly see how “All Blues” was part of what’s believed to be “one of the most important [albums] in American Jazz history” as stated previously in the overview of wee
Heather PhinneI knew going into this assignment what my pick would be for favorite example of a mixed-meter time signature but to be fair and objective, I listened to every piece and I still came to the same conclusion: my favorite example is “All Blues” by Miles Davis. The simple reason being that I adore jazz and am already very familiar with Davis’ work and consider him to be one of the best, if not THE best, in the genre. The complex reason I chose this song over the others is that though the beat is considered “mixed”, it doesn’t sound that way to me at all, whereas with the other choices I felt like I could easily tell it was mixed. The beat in all three other examples almost had a bit of dissonance about them, if that makes sense. But in Davis’ “All Blues”, everything blends together perfectly. The piece could not do without the light piano in the background, nor the occasional drumming. I also felt that the saxophone was not so loud as to drown out the other instruments and this is what makes the melody so perfect. It is clear who, and what, the star of the song is but everyone’s (meaning the instruments are) able to co-exist peacefully. I also like how this has no lyrics to take away from the mixed-meter beat, allowing you to focus 100% on the music itself. I find jazz to be relaxing, and this piece does take on a very calming effect so that is why it’s my favorite of the examples.