Module Two Assignment – MAN 4402

Answer the following questions in an essay format.Fact Pattern 1:Your company provides a service to local businesses wherein office supplies are delivered daily on demand to the local area. Your son’s friend is looking for work and you know him well and hire him on the spot to be a delivery driver. A few weeks later he is in the process of making a delivery and hits a pedestrian crossing the street severely injuring him. Police come and measure his blood alcohol at .15 (nearly twice the legal limit). Turns out that your son’s friend was previously convicted of DUI approximately 6 months ago. You did not conduct a background check before hiring. On what basis/bases would the pedestrian have the ability to file suit against the company?Fact Pattern 2:A company recently opened a branch office in Colorado (where recreational marijuana is legal). The company has a policy of drug testing every new applicant before hiring. What are the potential pitfalls of this policy? Are there concerns regarding policy? Does this affect the potential applicant pool?Keep the following in mind when drafting your essay:1) Proper APA format MUST be used.2) Write the essay in a manner where it is clear you understand the concept. Repeating concepts from thetext does not illustrate to me that you understand the material. The best essays will include an example orillustration of the concept discussed.3) NO PLAGIARISM! Remember that, even when discussing case law or information from the text book, you must quote and cite any material taken directly from the case. As a general rule, keep quotations to 10% orless and paraphrase all other relevant information.
TEXTBOOK: Walsh, D.J. (2013).Employment Law for Human Resource Practice(4th ed.).