Growth strategy options and recommendationso Usethe growth strategy matrix as the basis for this and provide your suggestionsfor how the business can grow via (a) market penetration, (b) productdevelopment, (c) market development, (d) diversification. Explain how eachstrategy could be implemented (what products and markets should be the focus)and the requirements for success for each option. Recommend the growth strategythat you believe would be most feasible for the business, given its resourcesand capabilities, and explain why.
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Growth strategy: Intimacy with customer, go to more platforms (Tik Tok)15 commissionProduct development: Would expand into cartoons, different types of shoes (Timberlands)work on it from 6pm-12am. 20~ commissionsmarket development: holidays ramp up demanddiversificationpaid advertising: success depends on the platformweakness: sometimes not active, because we devote time to working, we are not on phones, time