motherhood- Pregnancy

5 – 8 PAGES (12 pt. font, double-spaced, APA format)20% of your final grade (20 points)No late papers accepted!DUE BY 11:59 PM MAY 23. Submit by clicking on the title ‘final paper’.Part 1: Introduction. Introduce the reader to the topic of your workshop. Provide evidence to support your group’s decision to focus on this topic. Why is it important? How do you know? You can use materials from class or sources from the internet to support this part. (1 – 2 pages) (3 points)Part 2: Workshop format. Describe your workshop. Describe the one teachable moment you wanted to focus on and how/why you chose it. How did you convey that information? (2 – 3 pages). (5 points)Part 3: Evaluation. How did you evaluate whether the audience learned the information? Evaluate the experience of conducting the workshop. How did it go? What were the high points? What were the low points? What would you do better if you were to do this again? (1 -2 pages) (3 points)Part 4: Discussion/Conclusion. Use your experience of preparing and presenting your workshop to discuss whether or not you were correct in the importance of focusing on this topic. What did you learn about this topic that you did not know before? Please discuss your overall experience in this class. What will you take away from this course and never forget? How would you describe this course to someone else? Any other feedback that you would like to give me about class? (1 -2 pages) (5 points)Part 5: Thoroughness/Formatting. You should include all the necessary and appropriate sources and do your best to cite those sources properly in your text. Be sure to read your paper for clarity and thoroughness. EDIT YOUR PAPER (check for spelling errors, font problems and formatting). Be sure to include page numbers. (4 points)