Multinationals—Good or Bad?

The videos above will give you an introduction to some of the controversies swirling around multinational enterprises. There are more , so I want you to go beyond this introduction to explore these issues by watching other videos and/or reading other analyses. Then I want you to write a 2 page essay with two parts/topics: •Start by summarizing some of the issues and debates surrounding multinational enterprises. Ideally I want you to include more issues than the videos above cover. Equally ideally I want a paragraph about each topic you choose to discuss. In this paragraph I want your opinion about the validity of each issue. References are necessary but do not blithely copy from your reference material. This is plagiarism and, as I said on the syllabus, is cause for an F on the assignment and possibly the class and, depending on how extensive it is, a major violation of the UF Honor Code that I will take to the Dean of Students office. •Then I want you to conclude with your overall opinion about multinational enterprises: Are they good or bad? Be sure to both be explicit about what you are using to measure good and bad against and DEFINITELY present your reason(s).


Narrative Composition

Helping Elders Adhere

Difference between theory and a model/ Clean Water

Extract the major elements and critically engage with them. It is key that this assessment includes only your original words and thoughts.

how understanding it can help you perform your current/future management and leadership responsibilities, and
anything else you think is important about the topic.

Using the concepts of CSR and IE, identify the elements of your chosen issue that are fully addressable using IE methods, and those that may be only partially or not at all addressable using such tools. Consider both quantitative and qualitative angles, and address specific parts of your system.

Describe diabetes management programs and whether they are efficacious

Using at least three major theories (cognitive development, moral development, learning, etc), explain how you made the decision to become a health-care professional.

Research proposal: How Do Racial Stereotypes of Black Americans impact the Healthcare Service they receive?

summary needs to be on some ethical issue or dilemma found in the textbook, current events, or some other local event.