Napolean Hill

Read a chapter from Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill. The link is available below.
Your assignment is as follows:1. Read the Introduction; you have to read it to complete this Homework assignment.2. Select one chapter of your choice and read it.3. Write two pages, 12-font, Times New Roman on what you think the “secret” is in that chapter.4. There are no right or wrong answers; your writing will reflect your own opinion on how it affected you.5. Maintain a clear focus: your identification of the “secret.”6. Write in well-formed paragraphs.7. Provide proper transition from paragraph to paragraph.8. Your last page will be a References page with the source in proper APA format for an online book with one author.9. Include quotes in your critique and include correct APA formatted in-text citation.10. Do not include such long quotes that they take up a great deal of your work.11. Summarize a long quote into a shorter statement and cite it.