1.Content (70 points)Include the following information about the company:1)Generalinformation about the company and its history2)Businesscategory, markets, and products3)Size (revenue,rankings), number of employees, major locations, headquarters, major divisions4)Mission statement(if available) and general company objectives/goals5)Competitors (whothey are and why they pose a threat)6)Discuss at least2 recent business events (occurred in the last 6 months)7)Use Excel todepict the following, and then include the Excel tables in the Word document aseither part of the body of the paper, or in the end as appendix:o3-year revenuetrendo1-year stocktrend (+ explanation: increasing, decreasing, any noteworthy business changesuch as takeover etc.)
2. Style (maximum 15 points)·Format:o6 pages typedodouble-spacedo12 pt. Times New Roman fontomargins set to 1 inch on all sidesothe first line of paragraphs indented onehalf-inch·Header with page numbers in the upper rightcorner·Include subheadings (in MLA format)·Spell-checked, and checked for grammaticalcorrectness
3. References (maximum 15 points)·Using MLA format, sources must be included inyour text and at the end·Cite every information source you use·Do NOT copy & paste information from sources