neuropsychiatry exam

the estimated exam time is may-12 uk time (not sure the exact time yet) It should be that I can enter the exam during the duration of 0ne day? I am not sure yet. It should be 40 mc questions during 50 mins online exam. I am not sure yet if the exam program will block other sites or camera. It is neuropsychiatry exam. I need to get at least 50% of the exam grade. Below are the brief info of the course. Aims Neuropsychiatry sits at the interface of a broad range of disciplines, from neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, through psychology to sociology and philosophy. This module will give an introduction to the whole range of basic and applied neurosciences and social sciences relevant to neuropsychiatry. The aim is to provide students from a potentially diverse range of backgrounds with a solid foundation on which to build their clinical knowledge of neuropsychiatric disease and treatment. Learning Outcomes On successful completion of this module, students will have developed a solid foundation across a wide range of key areas of neuroscience and other related brain sciences that underpin clinical neuropsychiatry. They will be able to demonstrate the acquisition of knowledge and understanding in the following areas: Basics of brain function: including neuroanatomy, brain development, neurophysiology, neurochemistry and neuroendocrinology Organic CNS disease processes: including neuropathology and pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disease, neurogenetics, the biology of neuroinflammation, and the use of laboratory and imaging techniques used to study organic brain disease Psychology and psychopathology: including psychiatric phenomenology, neuropsychology, psychology of important neuropsychiatric concepts (including consciousness, mood, belief, dissociation, personality and life events), psychopathology and mind-body interactions Social sciences and neuropsychiatry: including history, ethics, law, philosophy and sociology of neuropsychiatr