NUR435 Planning for professional development

In the first part, you will focus on creating a cover letter and personal statement. Planning for Professional Development Part 1: Step 1 Create a cover letter for your portfolio. Imagine that you are interviewing for a nurse manager position in your institution. Write a cover letter, containing at least two-paragraphs, explaining why you want to be a nurse manager and why you are the best candidate for the position. Review how to prepare an effective cover letter There are many online resources to help you. Step 2 State your nursing beliefs. Some employers ask you to include a personal statement. To complete this section, create a separate document with the following three main headings: Why I Became a Nurse My Nursing Philosophy For assistance in writing your philosophy, see Nursing Philosophy Examples (Links to an external site.) and refer to previous course work, particularly NUR300 Professional Issues in Nursing.

My Vision for the Next Five to Ten Years Each section should be at least one paragraph long. Planning for Professional Development Part 2: Step 1 Create a professional resume. Attach an updated resume/curriculum vitae as the last section of this two-part assignment. Your contact information and work history should be up to date. There are many online resources to help you. You may find GCF Learn Free (Links to an external site.) particularly useful. Your resume must include the following basic information, although you are free to present it as you see fit. Contact information Personal statement/Objective Skills/Qualifications Education Experience In addition, please include sections for the following: Competency and Certification: Describe all certifications or competencies you have completed during your nursing career. You may add an actual checklist if desired. This list can include use of specialized equipment or procedures, such as conscious sedation, use of CRRT machine, ultrasound IV placement, telemetry course, BLS, ACLS, and the like. Honors and Awards: Describe any awards or honors you have received during your nursing career. This could include years of service recognition awards for organizational loyalty or perfect attendance during a quarter. Professional Organizations: Describe any organizations or community programs in which you are professionally involved. Also, list any offices or positions held within your organization.

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