Nursing History Paper

Scholarly paper about the history of nursing from before “modern” nursing until the present. Include information regarding important nursing leaders (Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Clara Barton, etc..)Written using APA format. Include 2 journal articles in references. Submitted through Canvas in a Word document using TurnitIn (plagiarism checker).5 pages in length, NOT including the title and reference pages.Use this rubric for reference as you write your paper: NursingHistoryPaperRubric.docx Download NursingHistoryPaperRubric.docxRemember that a plagiarism checker (Turnitin) will be used to check your work. If the percentage is above 35% – it will not be accepted. Turnitin takes about 24 hours to perform the second check. Keep this in mind as there is a deadline for the project.The reference librarian and writing center are available for help with your writing prior to submission. Do not be afraid to use this resource – they are very helpful and can assist in learning how to write academically.