Objects and Events 1839-1890

Read Chapter 4: Documentation: Objects and Events 1839-1890 (page 155-207) and respond to the questions below in full sentences.Define documentary( photography).How did documentation based on photographs reach the public ? ( Before the half-tone process)How did the camera documentation in North America differ from that of Europe?What were some of the problems with capturing “Instantaneous” views?Describe the photographic documentation of war photographers in the U.S working in the collodion era.Select your favorite image from the PowerPoint or Chapter. Please include the image, title, photographer, process and date in your Word Document. Answer the following questions in regards to your selection in paragraph format. What interests you about this image?– What is the significance of this image to the world of photography?– What is the subject matter of the image, how was this image made?-Critique the image- What are the strengths of the image? What are the weaknesses?-What is the emotive content of this image? How do you respond to it as a viewer?