Opinions On: Joint Venture

In your textbook, Collaborative Leadership Fieldbook, there are several studies about community situations and how people dealt with these issues. First, read the article called Joint Venture Silicon Valley, by Christopher Wilson on pages 133 to 158. There`s a lot of information so it will take some time to embrace the material. Second, write a report and here are the requirements for your grade. I will be using a rubric for grading so here are the details. The report should contain about two pages of material Introductory paragraph should include your overall perspective of the issue The body of your report should include what you agree with and/or what you disagree with on how the situation was resolved The conclusion of your report is to illustrate what you would have done differently if you had been part of this project. A text box is available for your submission for this assignment, or you may use a docx file format. Please let me know if you have any questions. HELPFUL INFORMATION FOR SUCCESS This report is to reflect your ideas and comments while using source material as evidence. Citations from other sources should be no more than 25% of your report. Below is some related information about plagiarism. Include citations from at least 2 books, articles or internet searches and follow proper protocols using APA requirements