Pandemic Reflection Week 2

). This board is the space for all of us to reflect on this question and share our perspective. You are supposed to contribute here regardless of whether you participated in the collaborative doc. Please keep in mind the following ground rules: (1) These boards are not formal writing assignments; we do plenty of that elsewhere! Instead of being bound by the conventions we’re used to in academia, they are your opportunity to try out different styles of writing. Feel free to include “made up words” (as we explore in this week’s lesson and is discussed in this short TED Talk (Links to an external site.)), ignore grammar rules (as this article (Links to an external site.) that we read this week does), etc. Also feel free to include images, emoticons, and more.( (2) Since we’re not able to be in class together, this is also an opportunity to respond to your colleagues and get to know one another. Since these questions always tie to the pandemic, please keep in mind that posts will often be personal — responding with compassion is key. (3) Responses should be at least approx. 1 page, but feel free to write more if you’re feeling inspired!

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