Paper on “The Knights Tale” in the Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

For this assignment you must write a paper on the relationship between The Knight, and the tale that he tells in TheCanterbury Tales. In other words, the Knight in the Canterbury is his own character and he tells a tale. What is the relationship between the Knight as a character in The Canterbury Tales and the tale he tells within the overall book? Forexample, what does the tale he tells reveal about the knight? Or are there any correlations between the tale he tells and the way that the author describes the Knight in the prologue?
The paper MUST include-Thesis-Thesis statement (“This paper will show…)-Quotes from the text with appropriate lines that correspond. Quotes should use original languange and not translations-Counterarguments (you must be able to argue your own points)-A conclusion that wraps up yout thoughts-At least 2-3 additional credible outside sources and they must be cited