Paraphilia’s of Serial Killers

In developing your paper, you should try to integrate relevant course material relating tohistory, theories, and research and statistics regarding your selected serial murder issue.Your presentation should be evidence-based. That is, while your personal opinions areimportant, they should be supported, as much as possible, by empirical research and/orstatistical data.
The topic is Paraphilias in Serial Killers. Discuss the problem, legislation or laws pertaining to it, and a direction we can go to fix those issues. I have also attached my practicum along with 10 potential sources. Please follow the layout of the attached document from proffessor.
The class text book is: Hickey, E. W. (2016). Serial murderers and their victims (7th ed.). Cengage Learning.ISBN-13: 978-1-305-26169-3(paraphillias are chapter 5)