PECO Analysis Paper

n this assignment, only submit a summary of the week the Articles below in an APA format. You must have short summaries under the headings but do not submit the entire paper. The length of the paper is 1 to 2 pages.When reading an article use the PECO to analyze the paper:• P – Population being study• E – Exposure (what)• C – Control• O- outcome
The article references are as follows:
1.Bénet, T., Régis, C., Voirin, N., Robert, O., Lina, B., Cronenberger, S., & … Vanhems, P. (2012). Influenza vaccination of healthcare workers in acute-care hospitals: a case-control study of its effect on hospital-acquired influenza among patients. BMC Infectious Diseases, 1230. Available through Monroe College Medline database.2.Ellis, H. (2008). John Snow: early anaesthetist and pioneer of public health. British Journal Of Hospital Medicine (London, England: 2005), 69(2), 113. Available through Monroe College Medline database.