Percipio Activity – LinkedIn for Professional Networking

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS 100% BASED ON YOUR TARGET DREAM JOB AD/DESCRIPTION!NO REVISION & PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL!FYI: Those of you with personal reservations, for the sake of this course, create a temporary LinkedIn account that you can make private and/or delete later at course end.Your digital presence is part of your networking, job advancement, or job search toolkit. LinkedIn is a networking site to create professional connections, follow leaders in your field, and stay updated with career and professional development opportunities. Whether you are new to LinkedIn or already have a LinkedIn account, you’ll learn how to get the most out of LinkedIn after completing these two Percipio courses.Percipio Course: Setting Up a Profile (Links to an external site.). Earn a badge. (50 points)Learn how to create an account, sign in, and add information to your private and public profiles.
Percipio Course: Managing Contacts & Connections in LinkedIn (Links to an external site.). Earn a badge. (25 points)Learn how to find people, companies, and organizations; send and manage invitations; and create connections.Instructions: Watch all of the videos in these two Percipio Courses.When the status is Complete, you will earn a Badge for each Course. Click to View Badge, download the badges from Percipio as .png and Submit both Badge .png files by the Sunday deadline.