Peripheral Arterial Disease

OutlineIntroduction– The introduction is to introduce the topic you will be discussing while providing a map of the paper.– 150-200 wordsMethods– What methods used when doing research for the paper? I.E. Journal articles, Textbooks– 100-150 wordsResults/Literature Review– What did your sources say? Compare your methods (journal articles, textbooks) and the information collected from the methods used.– 200-300 wordsDiscussion- Discuss the material you researched regarding the disease.– Include: physical findings, etiology, signs & symptoms, hemodynamic correlations, diagnosis, risk factors, treatments, medications, pathophysiology.– 800-1000 wordsConclusion– Summary of the main points of the paper. Is there a call to action? Could propose a question regarding the material.– 100-150 wordsReferences– Use of references: There are 4 scholarly resources (from my school library online: Credo Complete Core Collection and Academic Search Complete) that are used effectively in the essay.