Persuasive Essay

Compose a 5 paragraph essay on one of the following topics. Essays are to be 500-600 words in lengthand should follow the 5 paragraph essay format. These essays must be typed or computer-processed onstandard size white typing or computer paper with one-inch margins utilizing 12-point type face, double-spaced.
Include a standard heading as explained and an appropriate title centered on the first line. Do notunderline the title or put it in quotation marks, italics, or bold-face.Write in standard, formal English, using no slang or contractions.
You must write on the following topic and you must address the entire topic:Take a stand on one of the following topics and write a carefully worded persuasive essaydirected toward an audience of college students. Consider both logical and emotional appeals.
Pick one of these topics to write on5. Education in US High Schools6. The Homeless in the US
Focus on three main issues that will be discussed in your essay, and use those three issues as theplatform for your three-part thesis statement. Follow your thesis carefully in the body of yourtext. Remember, your purpose is to persuade your audience toward your point of view.However, do not resort to the 2nd Person point of view. The word “you” should not enter thisessay!