Philo On Husbandry

Read Philo On HusbandryThe purpose of this assignment is to learn how to think about critical reading and evaluating sources.
IntroductionIntroduce the reading and the author and give a summary of the contents, its length, and how the author develops his argument in your own words and also state what is most cogent/compelling about the work.
BackgroundThis portion is about the author. Please research the author from valid sources and conduct a background analysis of the author. Use multiple sources for this to cast a wider net when getting information for this part.STAY AWAY FROM DICTIONARIES/ENCYCLOPEDIAS/WIKIPEDIA — THEY ARE NOT LEGITIMATE VETTED ACADEMIC SOURCES [will lose +/- grade for citing any dictionary, encyclopedia or Wikipedia]The way to get around this is to look at introductory chapters in books on the author you chose (you do not have to read the whole book – skim for what is useful) or any article on the author that promises by its title to be a general assessment..
Discussion–> Accuracy: consider how accurate. Here you can bring in sources that show Philo knew what he was talking about (or not).
–> Several authors (ancient and after antiquity) tackled the same subject – they can easily be checked out. Make sure to highlight these other authors views and discussion them and how they are similar or different to what Philo writes. Make sure to give sources for material you quote, paraphrase, cite.
–> Add a few opinions… It is fair to state where you are on the spectrum of any debates on the subject.–> Think as you write what this ancient essay is telling us about the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, particularly in terms of society. Discuss what the text could be indiciating what society may have been like at the time and the culture around the subject of husbandry.
BibliographyA list of works cited should be at the end. Please include in your list of works cited each work that you cited via a footnote or imbedded reference in the text.