phy101 apa format

Anything that has to do with neuroscience do with the direction of people who studies the brain after a drug or anything is taken it’s studies how are larger scale cerebral works and or operates. people who use meditation uses this in their every day life to come and relax their brain cells . Cognitive psychology deals with an mental process dealing with how you memorized learn a new language . It generally gather data from scientific research instead of going to clinical-based observation . In every day use doctors use this to study elderly people who those were all timers or a memory loss patients or you can work in the legal system and studied the mental process of criminals , judges and witnesses . Lastly is behavioral psychology or behaviorism which is the most easiest One of them all is a basic science of how a person analyze any living thing behavior in a field of psychology . Within this behavior psychology could be separated into four major sub disciplines applied Behavior analysis . People who deal with behavioral health issues could be Doctor’s psychiatrists and therapists Nature comprises genes and other hereditary factors that influence individuals depending on their physical appearances and personality traits. Nurture comprises environmental variables that determine the traits of a person, and it is determined by factors like social relationships and childhood experiences. Both nature and nurture will always have a significant impact on the development of a person. As seen from the video, some personality traits are inherent or happen naturally, while others are determined by environmental impacts. The twins are individuals who create a perception that nature has an impact on the capacity of a person to accomplish several things because of their parents (Strombo). For instance, the degree of intelligence and other early abilities of children will always depend on the genes they get from their parents. It means that they come to the world while they are already smart. The differences in the twins are apparent, especially because they grew up in different environments. As such, their intelligence levels are greatly influenced by an overall perspective of whatever happens around them. All the activities and practices that a person goes through from childhood will help in determining their overall development in life. ReferenceStrombo. “Identical Twins Separated at Birth.” YouTube, 19 Oct. 2007, Replace the links with appropriate APA style in-text citations. Use correct format and placement. Include the appropriate reference citation at the end. Requirements: Include the web links for all resources used so your instructor can check the citation

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