picture-word inductive model -Montessori Approach

Think about the models we have studied such as:inductive thinking, concept-attainment, picture-word inductive model (PWIM), scientific inquiry &, inquiry training, memorization, synectics, and advance organizers.Choose a student learning outcome from a course you are teaching. Explain how one of these models might be used to achieve this. Describe what teaching will look like, the learning environment and the teacher skills needed. Try to analyse the pros and cons of the model in your context and identify challenges and suggest solutions.You can present this in a powerpoint or a word document.


Compose an analysis between 4-6 pages analyzing just one literary device, such as symbolism, metaphor, irony, foreshadowing, imagery or another technique and discuss how this contributes to the theme of “Popular Mechanics”. Theme is a fully articulated message the author is trying to send to the reader.

Intro to Computers : Business Proposal

Which types of readers constitute your primary audience? Experts, technicians, executives, or non-specialists? Is there a secondary audience type that merits consideration? If so, which one? Explain and justify your choice(s).


Explain how a firm in your assigned industries has implemented two levels of the pyramid of social responsibility from a marketing standpoint.


In the future, do you see the value added by distributors decreasing, increasing, or staying about the same?

Physical, Cognitive, and Personality Development of Late Adulthood

Discuss the four determinants of health and how these can affect the health of persons in your community.

How owning a pet helps mental health