Poetry Analyze

For this assignment, the essay contains four steps. It should be about 750-1000 words. I need about 4 pages. 3 pages double spaces, about 825 words essay, an outline (I’ll put more details as an pdf file). One page of a draft; poetry analysis essay (more details as an pdf file).
First file:Preparing for your essay (guideline)Second file: Details about thesis statement, outline, and the draft (poetry Analysis essay).Third Fofile:Poetry Analysis(Final draft)Forth file:The poetry I chose to do
Attention: There are 4 things for this assignment need to turn it in.1. Thesis statement/ thesis ideas due by May 29 at 8pm2. Outline due by May 30 at 8pm2. Draft: Poetry analysis essay; due by May 31 at 8pm3. Essay 1: Poetry Analysis (Final draft) due by June 2 at 7:30pmYou may give me the papers as soon as you finish.