Political Violence in the United States

(Hi, so basically this paper is a combination of 3 previous papers I linked you and add a discussion piece at the end about future trends. The papers have annotations by the professor that he wants addressed/fixed for the final copy. I also linked all the previous sources.) -thank you
The final is modeled after a professional report regularly published by the Justice Department and the FBI, as well as policy organizations and NGOs who work in issues relating to national security and criminal law. Such reports are designed to provide an overview of an issue to the general public, thus they are written in a simple, concrete manner avoiding the jargon and complexities of academic language.This final report will provide a general overview of the nature of political violence in the United States and its relation to social movements and political protest. Rely on the assigned readings for your report, but if there is other information you would like to bring in, be sure to get your facts rights. Also include any citations for external materials.The structure of the final report will be as follows:Introduction (one paragraph)Provide an outline of the contents of the report
Part 1: Myths of violenceDrawing from Susan & Hart and Atran, how does human (and primate) evolution challenge the “Hobbesian myth” of human nature and violence?Drawing from Cavanaugh and Collins, what are two misconceptions about the link between ideology (both religion and nationalism) and political violence?The Hobbesian myth, the myth of religious violence*Be sure to stress that political violence is political
Part 2: Forms of violenceGuerrilla war vs. terrorism*, lone wolf terrorism**How does terrorism differ from civil/guerrilla war?Which form of these two violent conflict should we expect to see in the United States and why?Given the conditions you specified in #2, what other forms of political violence are likely to occur in the future?Be sure to emphasize the state capacity of the US government
Part 3: Social movements and violenceTwo-three paragraphs on how protest movements can develop into terrorist violence drawing on della Porta’s Clandestine Political Violence, particularly focused on escalated policing and competitive escalation, as well as a discussion of these mechanisms relate to contemporary events.Two-three paragraphs on lone wolf terrorism drawing from Hamm and Spaiij’s The Aim of Lone Wolf Terrorism, focused both on the sociological profile of lone wolves and on the particular mix of grievances that motivate lone wolves, as well as a discussion of how the internet may facilitate the transition from grievance to violence.Refer to della Porta’s escalated policing and competitive escalation**Stress that della Porta’s is arguing that this gives rise to terrorismBut you also want to link it back to rioting (refer to Clement and Dikeç*)
Part 4: Conclusion
Summary of your report, some discussion of future trends and future concerns.Thing to be sure of:
Be sure that you did addressed my comments in the previous assignments (I will be checking)Be sure you have an introduction and a conclusionBe sure that you have not included any plagiarized materialBe sure to have your sections marked clearly with italicized headings (no heading for the introduction)Be sure to cite properly, using the ASA style guide