Positive Leadership Behavior

PLease use health care leader
Choose a well-known leader who is considered an exemplar of good leadership or among the most admired in the country. You may use the same leader that you are using in your major project or you may choose a different leader.Briefly discuss the leader, explain what organization the leader works for and what position within that organization the leader holds, and provide a brief biography of your chosen leader.What are this leader’s positive attributes? What makes him or her the exemplar of ethical leadership?How does this leader model positive, ethical leadership behavior for others?Based on what you’ve learned about the leader, how would you model positive, ethical leadership behavior for others as a leader?How does modeling positive, ethical leadership behavior allow leaders in general to set the standards of the organization?Based on the reading and research you have done, what do you believe are the three most important qualities a leader who models positive, ethical leadership behavior must possess? Why?