Professional Journals related to psychology

The class paper, or written assignment, is an Article Review. To get started:1. Decide what you are interested concerning psychology, to choose a topic. Development, human sexuality, language skills, addictions, social skills? Just looking through the text should provide some ideas of what might be fun to study.2. Google the topic to see what kind of information is available out there. Google ‘Professional Journals related to psychology’. You will be surprised by the diversity of topics this discipline covers. Once you pick a journal, go to their web address. Once there, ask for a few free samples of article. This way, it will not cost anything. Choose one of the free articles they offer that describes an experiment is psychology.3. If you have a library card with Houston Community College, you will be given access to the college library on line. This is another way you can find a professional caliber journal online and even a few physical copies. Be careful to choose an article which describes an experiment in the discipline of Psychology.The class written assignment’s required parts are explained in the syllabus. An example of a completed paper is provided on this homepage. Follow the form of the example, but do not use the content. The paper is to be submitted online using the messaging system within the course in Canvas. Look to the left of the homepage and use the link called ‘inbox’.Students may submit a rough draft for feedback once Nov 19th. Completed papers are due for grading Nov 21st. Late papers are not accepted without a documented excuse, such as a doctor’s note. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask questions so I can help you before time runs out.