Program Planning Research Paper#2 (DUE BY 11:59pm on 10/2) Dropbox Located in Module 6Research

Program Planning Research Paper#2 (DUE BY 11:59pm on 10/2) Dropbox Located in Module 6 Research the history of the United States Social Security program, based on the Social Security Act of 1935.  Explain the history of the program, the original design of the program and the expansion of the program.  Discuss the financial concerns of the program and the program amendments of 1983 based on the recommendation of the National Commission on Social Security Reform.  Discuss your view of future changes that could be implemented to maintain the structure and stability of the program.  The paper must be double-spaced, paginated, have one-inch margins, and be in Times New Roman 12-point font. The form and style of the paper must follow the Seventh Edition of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA). Papers shall include: 1) Cover Page 2) Table of Contents 3) Abstract 4) Body of the Paper (analysis), to include a proper introduction and conclusion 5) Reference page. Be sure to spell check all written material. Please save the document in Microsoft Office Word format. The paper must be submitted in MyCourses Learning software (drop box), not via email. Please remember, the paper must have at least 5 FULL pages of analysis (body of the paper). Failure to have at least 5 FULL pages of analysis will result in a grade that is not passing (partial pages do not count as a full page). All other sections of the paper do not count toward the length requirement. ADDITIONALLY, IF YOU HAVE TAKEN THIS COURSE PREVIOUSLY, RESUBMISSION OF THE SAME OR SIMILAR SUBMISSION USED IN THE PREVIOUS COURSE WILL RESULT IN A GRADE OF 0. FINALLY, IF YOUR PAPER CONTAINS ANY CUT AND PASTE, EVEN IF CITED, YOU WILL RECEIVE A GRADE OF “F” AS THIS IS PLAGIARISM ACCORDING TO COLLEGE POLICY.  ANY USE OF A SOURCE MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS AND PROPERLY CITED IN APA FORMAT.  IN ADDITION, NO QUOTES OF ANY KIND ARE PERMITTED IN THE SUBMISSION. Please see the following for more information: 

Written assignments shall be subject to the following grading: For one day late, a 25% penalty will apply; for two days late a 50% penalty will apply; for three days late, a 75% penalty will apply; assignments turned in after three days late will not be accepted. Additionally, if you turn your paper in before the deadline, I will likely grade it before the due date. If you get a poor grade, please do not ask if you can “resubmit” the paper for a better grade. Although I do not mind questions about the paper prior to you submitting it, once you do so, resubmissions will not be accepted. Therefore, please make sure you are happy with your paper before turning it in. Again, if you have any questions about the paper before you submit it, I will gladly help you. St.Petersburg College encourages you to take advantage of their online and learning resource centers. More information can be found at: Learning Resources If you have TECHNICAL PROBLEMS, please contact the HELP DESK at 727-341-4357 or Help Desk Please submit your paper via WORD format AS AN ATTACHMENT using the drop box located in Module 6.

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