Project Management / topic will be about insurance company or a restaurant

Think of a project you have been meaning to do around your house that may take you 6 months to do or a project at work that you think will benefit your organization that take at least 6 monthsA project has a start and end date and is unique (bot an operation, which is something that happens over and over again. Remember, the result of your project may eventually be an operation but for your project, it needs to be created first.)Your project can be a product (something you can physically hold) or service (something that will help an individual, organization or industry do work more efficiently)If you are not sure if the project you choose is viable CONSULT YOUR INSTRUCTORYour project sponsor is your Instructor. Once you have your project set, complete the Project Business Case template that is provided for you. A Business Case helps to determine whether or not a project justifies your personal or an organization’s investment into the project. The Business Case defines the problem and its impact and performs a Cost-Benefit Analysis for the proposed solution. It also looks at possible alternative solutions. The Business Case checks to see that the project aligns with your personal or organization’s strategic plans (in addition Vision).Deliverables for this Week:Complete the Project Business Case template (Please Note: If any of the template is not relevant to your project just make sure you explain why not. If you aren’t sure, ask your instructor because it very well could apply to your project as you may need a second opinion).