Psychology SAQ neural pruning

Write a psycholohy SAQ on Neural pruning using the study attached in files to support. (study: Luby et al., 2013)– Follow the steps BELOW and that are attached in the file ato write the Saq.
How to write a SAQ:
(Paragraph 1)1. Restate the questionGet straight to the point by restating the question and showing the specific examples you will use.2. DefinitionDefining the key term in the question is a good opening to a central argument and shows your knowledge. If you’re asked about a research method, define the specific method you’re writing about.3. Central argumentAll SAQs must have a central argument that both answers the question and shows you understand the topic. A major mistake students make in SAQs is focusing only on the study and completely forgetting about explaining the topic.
(paragraph 2)4. Describe the studyDescribe the research study in detail, including the aim, procedure, findings, and conclusion. The more detailed the better, especially when it comes to the results. Explain why the results of this study matter. What does this study tell us?
5. Link the studyIt is imperative that a summary of a study does not end with the results but goes further and links the study back to the question. For example, if using Loftus and Palmer in an SAQ about reconstructive memory it can’t just end with the speed estimates and the %s of participants who saw broken glass, but the answer must go further and explain how these results show that memory is reconstructive in nature.5. ConclusionThis could simply be a one sentence statement that neatly restates the central idea of the answer.