[Public Policy] Propose a development project for Wine & Dine Festival in Hong Kong

The development project should be inline with government priorities, public sector objectives and/or related initiatives In Hong Kong. Such as the Home Affairs Bureau and Policy Adreess.Use relevant theory, planning models and policy-related sources (as well as thorough researchon your chosen festival or event) to produce a report that discusses your potential developmentidea and the ways it relates to public sector policies, objectives and initiatives.Should be included:– Executive summary ( 1 page)– Table of Content– Introduction (250 worlds)– Background of Wine and Dine Festival(350)– Event Development Proposal (2000-2500 Worlds)a) Discussion of political environment and relevant public sector,sector priorities, with references to documented supporting evidenceb) Outline the development proposal, in line with relevant publicsector priorities, also containing a critical analysis of meansby which the stated public sector priorities are being assessed.– Conclusion (400 worlds)– Reference (At least 30 Appropriate sources: policypaper, official reports, officialstatistics, Books and journals.)– AppendicesMUST include the following framework and books:a) Rational-comprehensive model by Veal, A.J. (2002). Leisure, Sport and Tourism, Politics, Policy and Planning (Second Edition). Wallingford: CABIb) Festival Stakeholder RolesSource by Getz, D., Andersson, T., & Larson, M. (2007). Festival Stakeholder Roles: Concepts and Case Studies. Event Management, 10(2), 103-122. doi: 10.3727/152599507780676689c) Anderson, J. (2014). Public policymaking. Cengage Learning.d) Freeman, R. (2010). Strategic management. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.e) Getz, D. (2016). Event studies: Theory, research and policy for planned events (3rd ed). Oxford: Elsevier Butterwoth-Heinemannf) Mcgillvray, D., Foley, M., & McPherson, G. (2012). Event policy. London: Routledge.