Push-pull Factors and Early Migration

This discussion is based on Chapter 2 of the textbookRemember to also pose a question at the end of the response. Avoid ethical questions that try to evaluate “good” or “bad” or typically begin with “should.”To guide your conversation, here are a few prompts to consider. Choose an option that works for you. Do not answer all of them. Do not copy-and-paste the prompt in your response.Choose one specific ethnic group to analyze. What about their overall experiences struck you as surprising? How did their experiences relate to other examples from history that you’ve encountered, either in other courses or in your own studies?What similarities do you see in reasons why Asian migrants left their homelands? Can you organize the different factors that created conditions for their migration? Look specifically at why the situation was so difficult in their countries of origin. Can you draw comparisons to similar migration experiences today?Migrating groups are diverse. What kinds of migrants made the journey abroad? What socioeconomic class was represented in the majority of the Asian migrants? How about in terms of gender? Are these surprising to you, why or why not?Free response, based on your own thoughts/reflections of the readings.Posting Requirements:Do not rely solely on external resources, such as Wikipedia or random academic articles you dig up via search engines or other sites to regurgitate facts of Asian American history. First, you must demonstrate that you can utilize assigned course materials, especially the textbook, or you will lose points. You should also be wary of potential issues of plagiarismAdhere to the written language, terms, and naming conventions used in the course materials and the textbook. As this course examines history, we use specific names and terms, especially when it comes to historical events, legislation, and so on. Do not change those terms as that can be potentially confusing in discussions. Using incorrect terminology is inaccurate and will be reflected in point deductions.