Python programing report

This is my python project assignment. I already finish the coding part. Here is the instruction of the report. And I attached the screenshot of the coding part.
1) Title page.2) Table of contents (with page numbers).3) An essay (3 to 4 pages in length), double spaced pages (font size: 11 or 12 points) describingthe problem, the overall organization, design of your program, and results of your project.The essay should give the user an overall roadmap of your code. Include a flowchart or anUML diagram to show the design of your program. Do not forget to number pages!4) Include one sample output of your program. Make sure that your output is readable andwell formatted.5) Instructions for running your program.6) Optional: A one-page description of the choice of the test data (in addition to the onesspecified in the project) and the testing strategy you used.