Qualitative Methodology

Choose two articles from your bibliography that approaches your research problem from the qualitative methodology. Write an essay which:Provides a brief overview of the study (include the research question/ purpose and the findings). Citations must be included (page 266, table 8.1, of the APA Manual).Identifies the methodology and basic design of each study. Identify five characteristics that make the studies qualitative. If your bibliography does not include articles that are from the qualitative perspective, return to the research databases (or other scholarly sources) to locate find the required articles. Accurate APA citations must be included.Explain why you believe the methodology and design are as you stated. Use citations to back-up your reasoning for methodology and design. It is recommended to use Forister and Blessing (2020) as a cited source.Discussion. APA citations are recommended.Reference page (proper reference formatting begins on page 316 of the APA Manual).**Table 17-4 on page 247 (Forister & Blessing, 2020) may help you understand the types of research studies and their level of rigor.***It is strongly recommended for the quality of work and content that you cite and reference the weekly readings from Forister and Blessing (2020).***A writing assignment template is offered to help with formatting. Please keep this writing assignment as close to four pages as possible (not including cover page and references). Use Times New Roman 12-point font, double space, and assure 1″ margins. Include a running head with your last name and assignment name as well as page numbers.All sources are to be published within the last five years.Be aware that grading is going to be stricter, as many corrections have been made on past weekly assignments.